Classic Craftsman Foundation | 2020 – 2021 Winners
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2020 – 2021 Winners

Robert Faber Memorial Scholarship Winners

We are thrilled to announce our annual winners of the Robert Faber Memorial Scholarship. We offer our heart-felt congratulations and wishes for a very productive school year, and success in all of their future post-academic endeavors.


Stevaughn B

Stevaughn is studying to become a plumber in the face of tremendous personal losses. He enjoys basketball, working out and track.


Luis G

After the negative impacts of the pandemic, Luis is taking his experience from a restaurant career and applying it to his quest to become an electrician. He enjoys reading, playing and watching sports, working out and hiking, and cooking and traveling.


Diana S

Diana says she loves physical labor and problem solving. She wants to apply those attributes to a career as an electrician. She enjoys reading, arts and crafts and setting a good example for her daughter.


Xavier B

Xavier also wants to pursue a career in plumbing after having his hospitality job impacted by the pandemic. He also enjoys applying what he’s learning to the home that he and his wife bought before the pandemic. He also enjoys music and sports.