Classic Craftsman Foundation | 2021 – 2022 Winners
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2021 – 2022 Winners

Robert Faber Memorial Scholarship Winners

We are thrilled to announce our annual winners of the Robert Faber Memorial Scholarship. We offer our sincere congratulations and wishes for a healthy and very productive school year, and success in all of their future post-academic endeavors.


Xavier B

Xavier is repeat winner from 2020/21. He is a self-taught handy person pursuing his plumbing apprenticeship and license. Last year was a big year for Xavier; he got a new job with a plumbing company; and he and his wife welcomed a new daughter in 2021. He still makes time to enjoy all the sports he loves!


Diana S

Diana is also a repeat winner from 2020/21. Last year she was hired by a small residential electrical business, which is part of her dream for a long-term career as an electrician so she can support her daughter and set a positive example for women in the workforce. Her hobbies include movies, cooking and listening to great music.


Nick H

Nick is a creative and avid haunted house designer who also enjoys his motorcycle rides. As he continues his electrical education, he is very focused on the safety aspects of the trade. Last year, he had the opportunity to apprentice with a 30-year veteran of the trade who was a wonderful, patient teacher.