Classic Craftsman Foundation | Robert Faber Memorial Scholarship
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“The Robert Faber Memorial Scholarship” was established to honor the passion, expertise and dedication that Robert Faber devoted to the construction trades, which he practiced for nearly 30 years. Mr. Faber’s commitment to high-quality construction work had ongoing education at its foundation. He believed in the integrity of construction codes and the responsibility of all tradespeople to learn and uphold them. He served his clients with enthusiasm and a passion for finding solutions that would best meet, and often exceed, their needs and expectations.


Mr. Faber embarked on a lifelong career in the trades at the tender age of 15, working part time, with his uncle, for a residential construction company in the northern suburbs. Since he wasn’t old enough to drive, he would take the train after school and on the weekends to various contracted jobs.


During high school, Mr. Faber attended vocational school to learn carpentry. Following high school he continued honing his skills for several years.


In 2001, Faber enrolled in the Illinois Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., to further his construction knowledge and pursue an education in the electrical field. And in 2003, he was the Runner Up in the ABCNI Craft Competition in the electrical field. Following the completion of his education, and passing required exams, he was awarded his electrical license, which he maintained until his untimely death in 2015.


In 2009, Mr. Faber incorporated as Bob the Classic Craftsman focusing on local residential contracting projects.


His work as a tradesperson was his passion. Mr. Faber believed in sharing his passion for the trades by requiring friends who asked him to do work on their homes, to learn about what he was doing on their homes and to understand the importance of practicing safety at all times. It was his hope that more young people would enter the trades to make a difference in the field by bringing beautiful craftsmanship into the homes of people throughout the state, region and world.


The Classic Craftsman Foundation was established to honor the memory of Robert Faber. The foundation is honored to recognize the legacy of Mr. Faber’s passion for the construction trades with a scholarship in his name that will be awarded to a recipient worthy of this endowment.